Here at behind the scenes we caught up with Lucy, Morgan and Hester, Bristol University’s PROPERCORN brand managers to discuss PROPERCORN and its role as food sponsor for FUZE 2016!

BTS: Hi Lucy, Morgan and Hester – could you start by introducing PROPERCORN and your role as Bristol University’s PROPERCORN Student Brand Managers?

L, M and H: PROPERCORN was set up in 2011 and has since grown to be one of the most recognisable popcorn companies in the UK, with a strong emphasis on being a guilt free snack (all our single-serve bags come in at under 130kcal) that tastes great.

As Student Brand Managers, our job is to make sure PROPERCORN is seen and tried in all the right places, such as new local cafes or delis in Bristol, and university events like FUZE!

Here is the story of how PROPERCORN came about, by founder Cassandra Stavrou: “My father was a hopeless cook, but made the best popcorn. Together, we’d spend hours experimenting with ingredients and seasonings, impatiently waiting for each kernel to pop, so that we could try out our latest recipe. Using these precious memories, I created PROPERCORN. We pride ourselves on making sure our popcorn is delicious and guilt free. That’s what #doneproperly means”

BTS: I think I am right in thinking that this isn’t the first year PROPERCORN have been involved with FUZE? What makes FUZE an attractive event for you to get involved with?

L, M and H: Yes, this will be the third year PROPERCORN has been involved with FUZE. It attracts a really diverse student crowd – models, musicians and dancers so there’s something for everyone, making it a great way to spread the PROPERCORN word. PROPERCORN is the official snack for London Fashion Week!

PROPERCORNBTS: What can we expect from PROPERCORN at FUZE?

L, M and H: This year PROPERCORN are going bigger than ever before, supplying popcorn backstage; to the models, dancer, musicians and even the FUZE team, as well as being found in the VIP goodie bags and amongst the audience.

We’ll be sampling all six of our delicious flavours, including our new launch Smooth Peanut & Almond, by giving each guest on the night a free bag of PROPERCORN to enjoy alongside the entertainment! Don’t you worry, there will be more than enough popcorn – everyone should get their hands on a bag!

BTS: Why did you want to get involved with PROPERCORN?

M: I’ve always really admired PROPERCORN as a brand, and when you love a product that much it’s hard to stay away, and the atmosphere amongst everyone at HQ is infectious and really exciting.

H: As a massive foodie PROPERCORN really appeals to me by not compromising great taste for a low calorie content. PROPERCORN are a young, dynamic and fun crowd who always encourage their customers and employers to do everything in life by their mantra ‘done properly’, something to keep anyone motivated to do their best in all walks of life.

L: Being a Student Brand Manager for PROPERCORN ticked all the right boxes for me. We all share the same passion and enthusiasm and are keen to spread this amongst students who want a guilt free snack. There are many perks of the job but the main perk is an unlimited supply of popcorn!!!!

BTS: If you could launch a new PROPERCORN flavour what would it be and why?

M: Something sweet chilli and spicy… though Fiery Worcester Sauce & Sun Dried Tomato ticks my boxes in that department

L: I agree with Morgan… Sweet chilli would be insane but Salted Caramel would also be top of my list!

H: I personally think a honey, soy and sesame mix would be wicked.

BTS: Thanks so much for your time guys, and a big thanks to PROPERCORN too for their involvement with FUZE 2016. We are all very much looking forward to indulging in copious amounts of PROPERCORN at the show!